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With Opera Lyrica

Debut Scheduled
For  Eva  M.  Kovacs

  Eva  Maria  Kovacs   of   Palm Beach will make her debut with Opera   Lyrica   of   the    Palm Beaches in late November when the  company  presents  Victor Herbert's "Sweethearts" it was announced this week by Jules J. Gyori,    artistic     director    of
  Miss Kovacs  was  born in Ba-
latonkenese, Hungary.

At age 7 she tried out for the Budapest Ballet Opera Company and was one of the two selected to   be  trained  to  be  a  prima ballerina for the company.

  She was   scheduled  to begin training in Nov., 1956,  but the revolution   broke   out  in  her country and instead she and her family  fled to  Austria.  In 1956 the Kovacs family arrived in New York   and   from   there   came South to Ft. Pierce.

  Miss  Kovacs  attended  Saint Anastasia  Catholic  School and Dan McCarty High in Fort Pierce. She made several sin¬ ging and dancing   appearances   on   TV while  in  Fort Pierce.   She  took dancing instruction at the Aiken Dance Studio for two years on a scholarship.

  Eva is studying dancing at the Royal       Academy,      Imperial Studios  in   Palm  Beach  on  a scholarship  and is  taking voice lessons  with  Studio  Continen­

tal.  Her  ambition  is  to be  an actress.

Opera  Lyrica  has   inaugurated two  subscription  drives this year. One is for the performanc­ es  which   will   be  held  at  the Colonnades Hotel  and the other is for productions to be given at the  Capri  Art  Theatre  in  Lake Worth.

Scheduled   for  presentation  in both  areas  are Victor Herbert's "Sweethearts"   in  late  Novem­ ber; Mascagni's •one­ace opera, Rustic  Chivalry"  in January and Rossini's   comedy   opera, "The Barber   of   Seville."   All   three productions   will  be  presented in English.

Subscription   rates  will  be  the same   in  both  areas.   For  the three opera productions the rate will  be  $10  per person  or $20 per  family  (father,  mother and two children).

Interested    persons    are   re­ quested  to send  in  their subs­ cription  fees  immediately to re­ serve seats for the performanc­ es. For further information, they may  call  JU 5­6162   or  JU 2­8652.

Remittance     and    application letters  should  be sent to P. O. Box 124,  est Palm Beach, be­ fore Sept.  Q, when   the  drive officially  ends. There  will be no ticket sales at the doors.

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