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  November 10, 2003

  Dear Eva,

  I read your story in 1988. When I read your biography, I was enchanted by the
  possibilities of creating a classic motion picture for the holiday Television Season. Out
  of that emerged the film play, which we entitled "Zizi", A Christmas Story.

  You will recall I insisted giving you credit for that film play in the first position. Nobody
  could have simply written an original version without having been inspired by your work,
  and I hoped that it was simply going to be the first of a series of films, which would be
  based on your whole life story. I sincerely believe, and it is my professional opinion that
  your biography, THE EVA KOVACS STORY, has what it takes to be a winner. Why
  take my word for it, because I've been writing professionally for almost forty
  years, and know what I am talking about. One of my originals-THE DEER HUNTER---won five
  Oscars, including one for Best Picture of 1978.

  I think I was correct in my estimation of the soulful accomplishment in your biographical
  account, and I can't understand why Disney or Satellite companies haven't grabbed your
  biography, and adapted it into a major work for the screen.

  I understand that the Christmas Story being optioned is a different version we wrote in
  1990. I understand, this second version you wrote is called, MIRACLE IN VIENNA," of
  which you insist in giving me screen credit. Even though I was not involved in this
  version of the film play re/write as before, I respect your ethics.

  As to ownership, in my professional opinion, rights emanate from your book and all
  rights to the film play "Zizi" A Christmas Story, re/written MIRACLE IN VIENNA,
  emerges from your book.

  As to screen credit, therefore, the by-line should read: Screenplay by EVA KOVACS
  and LOUIS GARFINKLE, with your name in the predominate position. In case other
  writers add material, their work would have to be arbitrated by the WGA, as customary.

  It is my wish to see your work on the screen, and I don't want money tripping the
  producer on his way to production.

  Much love and admiration for your gallant fight,

  Louis Garfinkle

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