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November 3. 1993

  Comment on Eva Kovacs:

  For the past fourteen years I have had the distinct pleasure of counting Ms. Eva Kovacs
  among my friends.  My wife and I originally met Ms. Kovacs in the course of my doing a
  screenwriting assignment for Catherine Winter, one of  France’s   foremost motion picture producers.
  As source of Europe’s most highly acclaimed movie of the ‘70’, LA GUERRE EST FINIS, Mme.
  Winter received every major prize including The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Award
  as Best Foreign Film –- the international movie industry has the power to bestow.
  It was as “Mme, Winter’s best friend in the Western U.S.   ” that Eva Kovacs was introduced
  to us.  I really can think of no higher reference (or, for that matter,) compliment in her personal life,
  as in her business dealings. Mrs. Winter meticulously emulates that standard of impeccability
  practiced by Claude Winter (her recently and tragically deceased husband) and his progenitors,
  for 300 years prominent in French commerce as manufacturers of furniture - making machinery.
  Sworn to uphold Claude’s creed, Catherine has a reputation for never suffering fools gladly.  Being
  her “best friend” speaks volumes about Eva Kovacs’ trustworthiness, reliability and integrity –
  qualities so difficult to come by nowadays as to seem practically non-existent – as well as the
  durability of her aptitude for the career role she had chosen ) i.e., Creator/Administrator of a world-
  class professional Academies.
              But that’s just for starters.  Besides her obvious qualifications to run this sort of business in
  particular, one must take into account panoply of unique personal achievements by this remarkable lady:   (1)     Eva Kovacs is acknowledged as one of the world’s most beautiful and desirable
  woman.  The international beauty contest to choose MISS PHOTOGENIC WORLD is granted to
  the “Most Difficult to Qualify For, Most Difficult to Win” even compared to MISS UNIVERSE and
  MISS AMERICA.  As a young woman, Eva Kovacs won a “unique immortality of face and figure”
  when she was declared in Who’s Who Famous American/Hungarians World Press 1983.
  Eva’s name and likeness were registered indelibly on the consciousness of literally millions
  of people forever!  The many beauty titles she won has provided her with a substantial base from
  which to launch her careers as an international professional photographic super model, during
  which the appearance of her likeness in connection with the promotion and sale of various beauty
  product labels, etc., made her a celebrity to be envied and emulated by woman the world over.  It
  also transformed her into a fashion authority.  These roles continue to be remunerative for her to
  this very day.
  (2)     As a child, Eva found herself – like her family and the rest of their Hungarian
  countrymen – a victim of the Russian Communist.  Not only did she execute a daring escape into
  , but survived to write a book about it for which she recently found a publisher in her native
  It was in connection with adapting a portion of this work for television that I first had
  occasion to collaborate with Eva on a Christmas teleplay entitled ZIZI and learn at first hand how
  talented she truly is.  Furthermore, it is Eva with her instinctive metaphysical strength who provides
  everyone on the project with unerring spiritual guidance.  In a singular demonstration of versatility,
  Eva even wrote the inspirational lyrics for a now carol to be introduced on ZIZI.  It’s my professional
  opinion that Eva Kovacs has what it takes to succeed as a creative writer whenever she decides to
  make the commitment.  Why take my word?  Because I’ve been writing professionally for almost
  forty years.  One of my originals – THE DEER HUNTER—won five Oscars, including one for Best
  Picture of 1978

   Very truly yours,

   Louis Garfinkle

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