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Eva   Kovacs  is  a   walking,   dancing,   vivacious
example of a refugee girl's success story in  America.
   Miss   Kovacs,  who   has  just  opened   Eva  Kovacs
Modeling and Finishing Academy  on Fifth  Avenue in
Indialantic,   escaped   from   Communist     dominated
Hungary in 1958 with  her parents,  two  sisters  and  a

   They settled in Stuart  and Eva, who  couldn't  speak
English, entered public school. She  had been a   fifth
grader in Hungary, but after t ests,  was   put into   the
seventh grade in the Stuart  school.

   Sitting   in   the  attractive   new   office   which   she
decorated herself, Eva Kovacs cut  a striking   figure.
The lime green shag carpet and off white furniture set
off her understated dark  brown  shirtwaist  dress  --  a Norelle design. She wore it casually open at the throat
and the hemline just covered her knees. Her  eyes are
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By Jim Hausman
National Columnist

Source of the Irish temper
When I was a boy
my mother had "a light touch"
of the true noble Irish spirit.
(Pssst! That means temper.)
Once when I was "high spirited"
Dad said I should sit down
while it was possible without pain.
He said my temper came naturally
for the Maternal side of the family.
I hadn't known about this side.
I thought we had to blame things
either on the Hausmans or Burns.
Mother said if I got the spirit
that's in me from the Irish,
sure they got it from the Lord,
who called upon his holy anger
to help drive money changers
out of the holy temple.
Suddenly Dad kissed Mother saying:
"Mary you're wonderful. Your version
of the Bible is so much clearer.
I can hear the Holy Mother say:
`Now Son. Mind that Irish temper.'
an intense blue and her smile sparkles. Her open-toed pumps were beige and brown and she plunked a wide- brimmed tan straw hat on her dark blonde hair for the photographer. "I love hats," she says. "I'd rather not talk about my childhood days. They were pretty tough." She did say she started ballet lessons in Hungary when she was four years old. At the age of 11 she was chosen from the top 500 ballet students to be trained at the renowned Budapest Ballet Opera House as the coveted "Prima Ballerina."

Ballet Scholarship Eva got along well in school here, in spite of the language barrier. "My mother had studied English in Hungary. We all spoke German and some Russian." When the Kovacs children graduated from high school, their parents asked each to work for two years. "The family finances were in pretty bad shape," Eva



She went to work in a Palm Beach bank and was awarded a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Ballet. Then someone entered her in a Miss Flame contest. She won. That was the beginning of a long string of wins.

"People kept entering me in contests," says Eva. I wasn't too excited about them. I liked working in the bank." Out of 29 beauty contests she entered, she won 19

Statistically, she represented the State of Florida in more beauty contests than any other young woman in the history of the state, she says.

Eva's mother was "worried about her little girl traveling around to contests and in danger of getting corrupted," Eva reports. She wanted me to go to college. We moved to Cocoa Beach and I enrolled at Brevard Junior College."

She had been attending classes for about a month when she received a call to come to Toronto, Canada, to audition for the lead in a movie, "The Outside of Love," to be produced by Leo Ornstein. They wanted a blonde Hungarian who spoke English. Eva boarded a plane , was stranded in a blizzard and missed the auditions. Her mother said, "Come back to college.' So it was back to BJC and luckily, too, for that's when she met her husband, Rayner Howard. He was her blind date at a sorority party. The couple now has two sons, Rayner, 5, and Christopher, 3. After a few more weeks of classes, another call came from Canada. Off she flew to audition and was awarded the lead in a picture.



"I was 20 years old and it was a whirlwind year," recalls Eva. There were more beauty contests and the modeling assignments were rolling in. She took professional training at the Maezie Kline Modeling School and Agency in New York and later became a consultant there.

She had modeling assignments from top designers, such as Dior, Bill Blass, Oscar de La Renta, Valentino, Halston and Cardinali, resulting in fashion layouts for Nippon of New York, Ben Kahn Furs, Mr. John, Jean Louie and Gucci. La t year she was named "Gucci

   Eva was seen throughout the world in  fashion
layouts in "Harper's Bazaar," -Vogue," "Women's
Wear Daily,"      "Cosmopolitan" and    "Town and Country." She received the highest honor in modeling when she was named "Miss Photogenic Model of the Year."
   As her career grew, there were television
commercials for Lady Remington Shavers, Pepsi
Cola, Johnson's Wax and Figure Control.
Asked how she managed all this while raising a
family, Eva flashed a smile. "I did one commercial
when I was three months pregnant," she confesses. "Every time it came on I cringed. I looked so fat ! "
She stands 5' 71/2" and weighs 120 pounds now. . . and still thinks she's too fat.
After finishing her second motion picture, "Yellow Shirt," where she played the lead with Ray Danton,
Eva was signed for several key appearances on the
"New Dick VanDyke Show."
"Dick is just the way he appears on your TV
screen," she claims. "He's friendly, charming and a
real pleasure to work with."



Why has she given up most of these glamorous assignments? Because her husband's work brought
them to Brevard and she felt it important to spend
more time with her family. She feels there is a need in South Brevard for the kind of training she's qualified
to give.
So far, most of those registering have been
teenagers, whose mothers have signed them up for the beginners' course or charm and basic modeling. But
Eva is interested in all ages. "I want to be beautiful
when I'm old," she says. "No one is too old to improve herself and become a new person."
Besides the basic courses, Eva is offering training in
high fashion modeling and fashion photography as
well as a complete finishing course which includes
such topics as conversation and social graces,
wardrobe and accessories, poise and personality, appearance in social affairs and even ballroom
She also will teach ballet, Yoga and psycho-
cybernetics, which she describes as a way to become anything you want to be through positive thinking.

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